Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber Visits St. Louis to Meet with MLS4TheLou Ownership Group and Local Business Leaders

On March 11, Major League Soccer (MLS) commissioner Don Garber visited St. Louis to discuss the MLS4TheLou Ownership Group’s ongoing progress to bring an MLS expansion team to the City. In addition to spending time with Carolyn Kindle Betz and Andy Taylor, Garber met with the other Taylor family members involved in the bid, illustrating the full force and commitment of the majority women-led MLS4TheLou Ownership Group.

The trip included the MLS4TheLou Ownership Group and Garber speaking with St. Louis business executives in a roundtable setting, allowing for Garber and local leaders to dive into how an MLS expansion team would be beneficial for St. Louis, detailing St. Louis’ rich soccer history, the current renaissance of the city and how an MLS team will continue to drive the region’s growth. Additionally, the ownership group highlighted their heavily privately financed plan for the stadium and how the plan will positively impact the city. Seeing the progress made for the proposed stadium-site location and design is key for MLS as the ownership group continues to finalize these plans.

“We’re incredibly pleased with how today’s visit went,” said Carolyn Kindle Betz. “I know we put our best foot forward by demonstrating our strong commitment to securing a team for St. Louis as we were able to show Commissioner Garber some of the enthusiasm the local business community has to financially support a MLS team.”

Moving forward from the commissioner’s visit, the MLS4TheLou Ownership Group will continue to develop the plans and design for the stadium-site.

“While there was no discussion on when the 28th expansion team will be announced, today has bolstered our confidence in the strength of our proposal,” said Betz. “We are working tirelessly to get this win for St. Louis and will continue to do so for the betterment of the community.”

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